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Designer Spotlight: Susan McKellar

Meet Susan McKellar, dog mom of two, lover of the Lowcountry and designer at Ashton Woods. As a Design Consultant, Susan helps homebuyers uncover their unique style and bring it to life with personalized home design. We chatted with Susan about finding design inspiration on the coast of South Carolina, why buyers should go with their gut and what she loves most about designing new homes. 

How did you get into home design? 

I have always loved home design and for as long as I can remember I have always loved looking online at all different kinds of home designs on Pinterest and Instagram. I started at Ashton Woods as a Studio Coordinator and always knew I wanted to become a Design Consultant.  

Outside of design, what are your other hobbies and interests? 

My husband and I love to go on the boats in the summertime and spend a lot of our weekends hosting friends at our house. And, of course, hanging with our dogs. 😊

Where do you find creative inspiration?

I find creative inspiration in where I live! I think the Lowcountry has such a wide range of design styles to pull from — from coastal/beachy designs to old Charleston, country-inspired designs. I think my love of exposed brick, weathered wood beams and incorporating outdoor living spaces inside homes all come from growing up going on the boat in the summertime and spending my winter weekends by the fire in the country. I also get a lot of inspiration from older restored restaurants downtown!

What’s been your favorite thing to work on at Ashton Woods? 

Working with buyers and getting to know them through the design process is my favorite part of my job! I also love getting to refresh all of our offerings annually. It is really exciting to be able to see everything that is up and coming.

What is your favorite Ashton Woods home model and why? 

I love our Monroe model at Watson Hill — it has tons of natural light, warm tones and has a traditional feel that I love. 

What’s your favorite Collection and why? 

My favorite Collection is the Milan Collection. I love the warm tones and the high-textured backsplash.

How would you describe your own personal style?

My home has a lot of neutral colors, warm woods, raw materials and a ton of texture — but I do like to incorporate pops of color in my art.

One of the most exciting parts of buying an Ashton Woods home is that homeowners get to personalize their design. What design advice do you have for buyers as they build their new home? 

My advice is to always go with your gut. Also, when choosing colors and materials for your main areas, consider your long-term needs and lifestyle. I think it’s super important to think about the livability and functionality of your space — you need to love it now and you need to love it in a couple of years. 

What are one or two key tips you’d give homeowners for decorating their new space after move-in day? 

I think leaning into your personality to decorate your home is so fun. I love when I can tell what someone’s personality is like just from the pieces in their home. Making sure your home has a comfortable feel is also super important. I love a clean, but comfortable look to make your house feel like a home.

Want to Work with a Designer on Your Home? 

All of our homebuyers work with a design consultant to uncover their design style and personalize their home. For more information on our home design process, get in touch with our team.