In Home Dining: 5 Date Night Dining Spaces We Love

February 8, 2021

1. Simple Affair: Life is busy these days. Don’t overcomplicate dinner with elaborate settings or difficult recipes. Just sit at the breakfast table and enjoy a simple affair.


2. Contemporary Formal: Maybe your dining room is getting dusty from lack of entertaining or maybe it’s the new home office and crowded with books, laptops and supplies. Take back this space for a special date night. You don’t need to fill all the seats for it to be special.


3. Sit at the Bar: Be same side sitters at home. Order delivery. Open a good bottle of wine and just sit next to each other.


4. King and Queen for the Night: Go Big. Get dressed up (pretend like you are headed out for fine dining). Serve each other a 5-course, 5-star meal and dine like royalty.


5. The Movie Night Date Night: Who said dining had to be at a table? Cozy up on the sofa with your favorite appetizers and snacks. Time to Netflix & Chill.


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