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The Small Things

by Sarah Cooper

I have always believed one of the keys to life is to find the little things in the every day that make you happy. That one thing or detail can lift your spirits or leave a lasting impression. Those little treasures make or break your monotonous routine, your average day, or can completely make your house, your home.

My morning beach outing (with my two pups in tow) is one of those things in my life. Nothing beats the way the sun looks as it slowly cracks the horizon. That moment your skin first feels the warmth from its rays. The way the clouds seem to frame, refract and absorb it all perfectly. Those little things, taken in the right perspective, start my day like nothing else can. It’s those small things that give me a unique perspective. It may not be for everyone, but for me…yes, please! It is the small things coming together in a seamless harmony. Without those little things, it would be a morning of chasing my pups around as they jump on random strangers, and toss around dead fish, all the while trailing them with a plastic bag, playing beach janitor…no, thanks!

Step Inside The Studio

Source: Ashton Woods

When you come into The Studio by Ashton Woods that’s exactly what we’ll explore—the small things in your life that we can translate into your home. A house is not a home without these details. That’s what makes my job the absolute best! I get to explore my buyers’ stories to help create lasting impressions.

Building a new home can be overwhelming—trust me I’ve taken people through the process hundreds (yes, hundreds) of times, and I see the same overwhelmed look on many faces. It’s daunting to think of choosing finishes for a house in each room, top to bottom…I get it! We need to think about the cabinets, all the light fixtures, a backsplash, and oh yes paint! But have no fear! That’s why I, and other studio consultants, are involved every step of the way.

Source: Ashton Woods

Every house you walk into has a kitchen, a foyer, bathrooms and bedrooms. Those areas are important, don’t get me wrong, but we work with those every day. It is important to not underestimate the impact of the small details that only you and your lifestyle can bring. If you inherited your grandma’s china, perfect, we’ll find a paint color for your dining room wall where it will eventually hang. Bought an art piece on your favorite trip to Turkey? No problem, we’ll create specific art niches to perfectly display them. Or, my most recent example, a sailor built a new home and we incorporated nautical features throughout...even the kitchen faucet was chosen to mimic the shape of a tiller.

Bottom line: It’s important to explore your “small things.” These are things that are captured in the details of the big picture we’re designing. At AW, we design homes every day. But the best part of my job is to tell you the small things I find on my crazy trips to the beach and to help you discover yours. We love making your house your home.

Source: Ashton Woods