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5 Ways to Use Proportion in Your Home

by Leigh Spicher

I’ve told you about the Five Principles of Design and how to use them in your design. Now let’s dig a little deeper into each principle and see how you can achieve it in your home! One of the best things about the Five Principles is that they not only make your home beautiful, they make it work better for you. Balance can bring calm to an otherwise hectic space. And Proportion can make your space more functional as well as highlight what you love. From ceilings to furniture, Proportion is all about the relationship between objects. Here are five ways you can use this design principle to make your home work harder for you.

1. Shine a light

Consider how pendant lights relate to your kitchen island. Choose the right size and number for your workspace so that you're never scrambling in the shadows while cooking.

Source: Ashton Woods

2. Create drama

Playing with proportion can create a sense of grandeur. In this living room, the soaring windows and fireplace open the space while the low profile of the couch matches the coffee table and horizontal surround. Together, the mixed proportion create drama that still feels accessible.


Source: Ashton Woods

3. Highlight a design feature

Disproportion can be a good thing if it's used to highlight a particular design element. Here, the two-story room with black shiplap surround puts the room's focus squarely on the fireplace.

Source: Ashton Woods

4. Create function and flow

The relationship between elements in your home is about more than physical appearance, it's about function. When they fit together like puzzle pieces, they make your day-to-day life easier, like in this bathroom where every step of your routine has its designated space.


Source: Ashton Woods

5. Make the most of your space

Choosing the right furniture and finishes can make any size space feel just right. When everything is in proportion, nothing is crowded or in the way.

Source: Ashton Woods