Living In Your Home

6 Tips for Taking Beautiful Photos of Your Home

You’ve put time and care into designing a home you love. So why not show off your aesthetic with a few Instaworthy pics?

You don’t have to be a pro photographer or have an expensive camera to take amazing pictures. Just follow these tips on how to take beautiful photos of your home for the ‘gram and beyond — and don’t forget to share them on social with #MyAWHome!

1. Use Natural Lighting

When it comes to indoor photography, natural light is the way to go. Not only does it brighten your space for a clear image, it also provides a soft light source for your photo that won’t cast harsh shadows. However, this doesn’t mean you need to turn off all your lights. Overhead lights may brighten things up, and lamps can add interest to your scene. Just avoid taking photos at night or using flash, which can wash out details or create a blue or yellow tint over your photos.

2. Take Pictures at the Right Time of Day

You’ve probably heard that golden hour — the time shortly after sunrise or before sunset — is the best time to take photos, and the rumor is true. The light that shines during this time of day can make your house look a little more magical, especially when shooting outdoors.

But don’t limit your photos to just one time of day. Midday lighting can also create beautiful images. When shooting indoors, afternoon lighting can add a soft glow to your photos. If you’re taking pictures outdoors during the daytime, find a shady spot to diffuse stark shadows.

3. Set Your Scene with Contrast

Just like interior design, incorporating contrasting elements in your space will add interest and movement to your pictures. Balance clean lines with organic shapes and textures, add a pop of color to neutral spaces or juxtapose darkness and light.

4. Don’t Feel Pressured to Be Perfect

A few touches of imperfection can bring the feel of your home to life in a photograph. Sure, you’ll want to tidy up before taking pictures, but consider leaving a few thoughtful, well-placed items out for a slice-of-life feel. Crayons and paper in the playroom or books and coffee on your bedside table show that your home is lived in and loved.

5. Try Out Different Points of View

There’s more to a great shot than just standing in the doorway and snapping a photo. Try taking pictures from different angles, heights and perspectives. For example, instead of taking a photo of your entire living room or a straight-on shot of your seating area, mix things up with an overhead shot of your coffee table or an up-close view of a vase of fresh flowers.

6. Follow (and Break) the Rule of Thirds

This principle is simple, yet eye-catching. Imagine your photo is divided vertically into thirds. Then, place your subject in the left or right third to add interest to your composition. Your smartphone may even have a setting that allows you to use a grid while you shoot. Of course, every rule is meant to be broken. Play with turning this convention on its head and you might get some interesting results.