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How To Craft Inviting Outdoor Spaces for Stylish Entertaining

Summertime brings outdoor gatherings, and from backyard bliss to patio perfection here are three fresh ideas to elevate your al fresco entertaining.

Creating Memorable Spaces

Embrace the vibrancy of summer by infusing your outdoor space with bursts of color and pattern. If your setting boasts serene stonework and natural textures, add color with accents such as cushions. Instead of sticking to the conventional green and taupe, dare to introduce warm reds and oranges. Or you can opt for bright blues and sunflower yellows. Harmonize with your garden's blooms rather than competing with them for a cohesive look. Remember, summer is about experimentation, so have fun incorporating these touches without a hefty investment.

Outdoor Living Redefined

Carving out defined spaces enhances the warmth and intimacy of your backyard gatherings. Take your fire pit area and enhance it with decorative stools between larger chairs or introduce a bench along one side so everyone can join in on the conversation. Bring your favorite indoor activities to the great outdoors by adding areas for cooking and dining to your backyard spaces. If you’re entertaining a range of age groups you can create micro areas for each group by offering age-appropriate activities to cater to everyone's enjoyment.

Small Spaces? No problem

If you don’t have a large backyard or patio, you can still make your outdoor space the ultimate hangout spot with a few creative solutions to optimize every inch of the area. Creating a seating area is the key to being able to bring your family and friends together, even in a smaller space. Add plants or flowers of your choice to create a cozy nook where you’ll love to enjoy summer nights. If your backyard space is close to your neighbors a simple privacy screen can give you the private outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

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