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Bringing Your Modern Traditional Vision to Life, Room By Room

What’s the difference between Traditional and Modern design? A lot. But what makes them such a great match for each other is their contrasting nature. While Traditional design may feel closer to maximalist styles, focusing on floral patterns, rich colors, and details around the home, Modern styles lean toward minimalism — clean, open spaces, muted colors, and few details except maybe a bold statement piece. When we blend the two, we tend to strike the perfect balance. 

Modern Traditional style mixes timeless elements with a touch of trendiness. Its rising popularity stems from allowing homeowners to invest in classics that will last, while still keeping up with the looks of today. 

So, what’s trending for 2024? Color. Let’s take a look, room by room, at how we can introduce more color and Modern Traditional style in the year ahead.


This may be guests’ first introduction to your style, so it’s a great place to start. To add a Traditional touch, consider including antique furniture that serves as a functional space as well (i.e. dropping off keys or coats). New pieces that are antique-inspired also work well — like statement lighting or large, ornate mirrors.

Now to bring in the Modern elements: a colorful, bold runner can draw your eye into the house and also allow you to introduce other pops of similar colors within the entryway space. Plants, artwork, lamps, you name it. Since rugs may not have as long of a shelf life as antique furniture, they’re a great way to introduce trending colors to your home. And with an entryway that flows into a larger living area, you can apply many of these same ideas to both for a cohesive style that still has contrast.


Depending on the size of the bathroom, there are a few ways to introduce color. Smaller bathrooms (and ones without windows) can be made to feel more open with a lighter overall color scheme — especially on the walls. That’s when colorful details like floral patterned towels or a statement art piece can help achieve that Traditional look.

For larger bathrooms, floral wallpaper paired with modern metal fixtures and marble countertops can introduce color, yet still give the space a zen feeling. 


The focal point of your kitchen can go both ways. A large, natural table with a farmhouse aesthetic can capture that Traditional feel, while sleek and colorful chairs can bring the balance.

Conversely, painting the kitchen table or opting for a more modern design allows other traditional details to bring contrast, in addition to providing more opportunities for color. Kitchen appliances are more colorful and stylish than ever, and many homeowners opt to have them on display. Even simple details, such as cabinetry hardware and light switch plates, can bring tiny pops of color.


Since this should be an area of relaxation, opting for muted colors on the walls will let you introduce color in smaller doses.

Modern, mix-and-match bedding is a great way to not only incorporate different looks (that still match!), but also to bring in trendy color pops with pillows, throw blankets, and even behind-the-bed artwork. And, as with most rooms, a focal plant or tree will bring colorful green energy to help complete your look. 

Feeling Inspired?

When introducing Modern elements to your favorite Traditional pieces, just know it’s always a work in progress. Trends may come and go, but the best part about designing your interior is making it uniquely yours. Take our Design Style Quiz to get more insights and ideas for your unique eye.