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Crazy Plant Lady

by Kristine Isley

Many of us have fallen in love with Joanna Gaines and the vision she has for her client’s homes. Among her many strengths, the ability to completely change a home’s atmosphere by incorporating plants —  real or faux — is to be admired. She calls herself the crazy plant lady and, as of late, I might be on the way to becoming one myself.

If your space feels as if something is missing, the easiest fix is adding some greenery. Succulents are great for this as they are extremely low maintenance and versatile - some have spikes, some bloom flowers, but they will always add some life to your room.

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In need of something a bit larger? Try a fiddle leaf fig tree. Low maintenance and lush, the fiddle leaf fig can grow big and tall or can be pruned back to fit a smaller area. Give your space some nice, added texture by placing the pot inside a woven basket.

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Not confident in your green thumb? That's what faux plants are for. While they may cost more, they will last a lifetime, and all you need to do is dust them every so often. Succulents, fiddle leaf figs, olive branches, or eucalyptus are a few options that are great to have around. Place faux branches in a clear vase, reclaimed wine jugs or bottles, or even an urn to add some greenery and life (albeit fake).

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Now, go on and embrace your inner crazy plant lady. My apologies for the monster I might have created.

Source: Connie and Luna