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How To Transform Your Bar Cart into a Coffee Bar

Perhaps your party days are over, or maybe you’re just a die-hard caffeine lover. Either way, turning your old bar cart into a brand-new coffee bar is a surefire way to bring new energy into your home. 

From the decor to the drink menu, here are a few tips for converting your cart into a coffee lover’s dream. 

Put Your Mugs on Display

Whether you love handmade ceramic or fun vintage finds, your coffee mugs can add flair and color to your cart. If possible, install a hanging mug holder underneath the first tier of your cart. If your cart is metal or doesn’t have space, display your mugs in a tray or hang a mug rack on the wall above your cart.

Think Outside the Bar

If your bar has a permanent spot in your home, think about enhancing the walls around it. Transform the space around your bar into a canvas by adding shelves. Personalize the area with your favorite photos or mementos to make it uniquely yours, creating a space where you can enjoy your coffee surrounded by cherished memories every day.

Make It a Martini

Espresso martinis are making a comeback. This delightful drink packs a punch of caffeine — and it’s easy to make at home. To take your coffee cart from day to night, simply add two ingredients to your cart’s line-up: coffee liqueur and vodka. 

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