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Questions Every Buyer Should Ask Their Home Builder

Choosing a home builder is a major decision. The key to finding the right one: asking questions. After all, you wouldn’t hire an employee without a thorough interview — so the same thought should apply when choosing the company that will bring your vision of home to life.

Start by asking these six key questions for home builders, and don’t be afraid to add more to the list. Remember, a quality builder will take the time to listen and answer as many questions as you need.

1. What’s your design philosophy?

Ask potential home builders this question, and you might be surprised to find that not all of them have an answer. A good home builder will know that design is about more than just aesthetic touches (though these are important, too).

We believe that design shapes how you live on a day-to-day basis, from cooking in the kitchen to spending quality time with your family. Our approach to design is what sets us apart from other builders and what helped us win Builder of the Year in 2023.

2. What parts of the home are able to be personalized and what comes standard?

Every buyer has different needs and wants, and that’s what makes living in a personalized home feel so special. However, different home builders offer different levels of customization, from entire floor plans to small finishes.

Before you choose a builder, find out exactly which elements of the home are standardized and which ones can be altered to make sure your builder can create your vision of home. We offer Collections that allow you to choose from a variety of styles to suit your aesthetic, or you can work with our Design Studio one on one. We also offer move-in ready homes in a variety of styles.

3. Can I see materials and finishes in person?

Looking at photos online is one thing, but seeing the possibilities for your new home in person is another. Before settling on a builder, ask if they have a showroom. Look closely at the quality of the finishes.

Our Design Studio allows you to see details like backsplash tile, cabinets, flooring and other design elements in person. If visiting in person gets you feeling excited about your new home, you might be in the right place.

4. How is the final price of the home determined? What is and isn’t included in the quote?

Home building quotes can be overwhelming, so be sure to ask how your quote is finalized — and if there are any hidden costs that might not be included upfront. Ask what costs could potentially be incurred during the building process. Make sure to understand the potential for change orders and how they are managed.

We determine the final price of a home based on the location, floorplan and homesite, as well as optional add-ons like design elements, structural options and upgrades. Estimate Worksheets are available, and we can walk our customers through each item to help them understand the approximate costs. Estimates do change throughout the build process, and our teams communicate any potential changes in advance.

5. What happens if something breaks? Do you have a warranty program?

Even in a brand-new home, sometimes the unexpected happens. Ask your home builder if they offer a warranty program and what types of damage that warranty will cover. If the warranty program comes at no extra cost, that’s even better. For any warranty questions or concerns you may have, you can contact our team for assistance.

6. Do you have references or testimonials from recent homebuyers?

One of the best ways to find out about what the building process is really like is through word of mouth. Ask potential builders if they have references or reviews from past customers that they can share with you. Check out these testimonials from some of our real homeowners.

Interested in building a home that’s centered around beautiful design? Get in touch with our team members to learn more.