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Set the Ambiance with Mood Lighting

Looking for ways to set the mood during the month of love? It’s as simple as flipping a switch — a light switch, that is. Whether you’re settling in for a romantic date night or celebrating Galentine’s Day with rom-coms and wine, the ambiance is key.  

Of course, turning down the lights isn’t just about romance. It’s about creating a relaxing space where you can unwind all year long. Here are our tips for creating mood lighting for a cozy night in. 

Layer Your Lighting

We talk about layering colors and textures a lot In the world of interior design — and those same concepts also apply to lighting. Placing various types of light fixtures at different heights of the room keeps your space bright enough to see, but soft enough to relax. Use a mix of accent lights on shelving or art, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps and soft hanging lights to add depth to your space. 

Limit Your Lumens

You’ve chosen your light fixtures — now, it’s time to pick the right bulb. For task-lighting in kitchens, offices and bathrooms, a bright light is welcome. But in spaces like bedrooms and living areas made for relaxation (or romance!), you’ll want to turn the lights down low. How many lumens should you use for mood lighting? About 220 to 360 lumens is the sweet spot.

Turn Up the Heat

Warm-toned lighting is key for creating a cozy and romantic ambiance. The warmth or coolness of a light bulb is measured on the Kelvin scale. The lower on the Kelvin scale a light bulb is, the warmer the tone. For mood lighting, you’ll want a bulb that’s between 2200 K and 3000 K. Avoid colder, blue- or white-toned light bulbs, which come in at about 4000 K to 5000 K.   

Avoid the Big Turn-Off

We’re talking about lighting’s number one mood killer: the Big Light. Overhead lighting has its place — think task-oriented spaces like the kitchen, office or garage. But when it comes to unwinding with a glass of wine, ceiling lights can be harsh, cold and unflattering. So turn off the big light, or if you must use one, make sure it has a dimmer. 

Let Sparks Fly

What better way to stoke the flames of passion than with a little fire? Lighting a few candles (whether they’re real or battery-powered) can add soft ambient light to your space and an aromatic touch. You can even start the fireplace for lighting that’s extra cozy.

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