Design Inspiration

10 Rooms we LOVE for February

Here are 10 rooms we love for the month of February.  

1. The New Classic Dining Room

This room just reminds us of another era we loved in our childhood, only this one is contemporary and new. We love the crystal chandelier and pale blue. It’s like we’ve gone to visit our favorite Aunt at her beach house, and she is really cool.

2. The Awesome Architectural Detail Dining Room

We sat up straight just looking at this picture. There could be some important dinner conversation happening here. We love designing structural finishes like this pitched roof which can add significant interest to any room.

3. The Well-Balanced Family Room

Identical sofas make it easy to balance a space but that orb chandelier between them adds symmetrical interest. It’s like they are getting married. We love that.

4. The Details that make the Difference Bedroom

We love saying goodbye to table lamps that take up previous space for books, tablets and yes, your phone. A little advance planning and those lights can be in the ceiling, also adding visual interest to your bedroom.

5. The Beautiful Neutral Kitchen

So, so simple and so, so beautiful. We love the change from an all-white kitchen to this new neutral taupe. Yes, it’s back and we are in love.

6. The Contemporary Brown Kitchen

Dark Slab cabinets give this kitchen an edgy urban vibe, but we love that soft blue pantry door that softens the whole room.

7. The Beauty of Blue Room

A denim sofa that shares the room with soft blue kitchen cabinets and iron finishes. It’s like we moved into our favorite pair of jeans and who wouldn’t love that?

8. The "I Need This in My Life" Room

Does this picture even need a caption? We love the freestanding tub (that faucet takes some advance design planning) and the vertical fireplace…IN THE BATHROOM. I’m in love.

9. The Eclectic Kitchen

Bold color, crisp white, straight lines and ornate furnishings with a patterned backsplash that ties it all together make this an eclectic room we love.

10. The Natural Kitchen

Soft blue cabinets and natural earthy tones on the floor make this a kitchen we’d love to come home to (especially if those smart looking appliances cook dinner for us).