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7 Ways to Add Eye-Catching Focal Points to Your Home

Look around you right now. Does the room you’re in have a focal point, something interesting that immediately draws your eye?

When it comes to home design, focal points are key. They tell your eye where to go and ground the rest of the room around a central design element. So if you’re looking to add visual interest to your space, try one of these seven design tips for creating a focal point in a room.

1. Make Your Entryway Impressive

First impressions only happen once, so wow your guests with a statement tile in the entryway. This large-scale, black-and-white tile makes for a graphic pattern that’s both classic and fresh.

2. Color Your Ceilings

When it comes to color, the sky's the limit. Accent ceilings draw the eye upward and add a new dimension to a space. A dark-colored accent ceiling will create a cozy and intimate feeling, while a lighter color will open up your space and make it feel more expansive.

3. Create a Stylish Powder Bath

Half-baths are often the most frequented rooms at gatherings, impress your guests by adding unique and unexpected design elements. Whether you use tile or wallpaper, an accent wall helps you pack big design into a small space.

4. Allow Your Laundry Room to Shine

Don’t tuck away your laundry space — air it out with a fresh design moment. The laundry room is where we spend much of our time at home, so lighten it up with breezy whites and a statement tile that stands out.

5. Highlight the Bathtub

Take your bath from functional to fashionable by choosing a tub in a contrasting color. This black tub not only offsets the light counters and flooring, it also draws the eye to the back of the bathroom, making it feel longer and more spacious.

6. Add Textured Accents

Paint and wallpaper aren’t the only way to create an accent wall. Three-dimensional materials like natural wood paneling or board and batten can add dimension, texture and an architectural element to your space.

7. Give Your Island Character

Add a touch of color to your kitchen with two-toned cabinets that highlight your island. Whether you use your island for food prep, dining or serving snacks, a little color draws the eye to this central gathering space.

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