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What Your Enneagram Number Says About Your Design Style

Personality tests are more than just a way to get to know yourself — they can also be a fun tool for discovering your unique design style! And the Enneagram personality test is one of the best around. 

Similar to the Meyers-Briggs theory, the Enneagram has nine different personality types called Enneagram numbers. Knowing your Enneagram number can give you a deeper understanding of how you relate to the world — and that includes the way you design and live in your home. 

Whether you’re an eclectic number 4 who loves an artsy statement piece or a peaceful 9 who likes to unwind in their meditation room, here’s what your Enneagram type says about your personal home style.

1. The Reformer

Highly disciplined and driven to make the world a better place, this type is sometimes also called The Perfectionist. If you’re a One, you thrive in a tidy home that works like a well-oiled machine so you can focus on the things that matter most. The principles of modern design resonate with you — you love furniture and spaces designed to elevate daily life with both beauty and function. 

  • Traits: Rational, Idealistic, Disciplined
  • Design Vibe: Neat, Organized, Modern

2. The Helper

This giving personality is all about caring for others. The most important quality of your home is that it gives you a cozy space to spend quality time with the ones you love. A warm and harmonious transitional style is both comfortable and contemporary, perfect for making your favorite guests feel right at home.

  • Traits: Caring, Generous, Loving
  • Design Vibe: Family-Oriented, Transitional, Cozy

3. The Achiever

As an Achiever, your practical personality and need to succeed are reflected in your style. Right now, your kitchen is most likely gleaming, and if it isn’t, it’s on your highly ambitious to-do list. You love a home that’s as stylish as it is functional so you can focus on your goals. Think butler’s pantries, mudrooms and a spacious garage to store the gear you need to knock out your next accomplishment.  

  • Traits: Driven by Success, Goal-Oriented, Image-Conscious
  • Design Vibe: Pragmatic but Stylish, Orderly

4. The Individualist

There’s no one quite like you, and your personal style proves it. Artsy and eclectic, you love incorporating statement moments into your home design, whether it’s an accent wall in your kitchen decorated with heirloom pieces or a board and batten installation in the master bedroom. Mixed textures and bohemian accents are the perfect design touches to complement your individual style. 

  • Traits: Expressive, Unique, Introspective
  • Design Vibe: Eclectic, Artistic, Moody

5. The Investigator

If dark academia had a personality type, this would be it. Fives are known for their intelligence and rational approach to life, and their studious nature means they tend to keep to themselves.  Bring your personality into your home with moody colors, rich textures and antique furniture pieces. As a Five a personal retreat, such as a home office or even a library, is a must.

  • Traits: Intellectual, Logical, Secretive
  • Design Vibe: Serious, Academic, Moody

6. The Loyalist

As someone who values friendship and family above all else, this personality type is a true friend to the end. They’re also planners who are ready for anything, even last-minute guests. Your design style is welcoming and open — think warm colors, natural light, cozy seating, touchable textures and ample space to host.  

  • Traits: Devoted, Prepared, Responsible
  • Design vibe: Homey, Welcoming, Warm

7. The Enthusiast

Always looking forward to your next vacation? You might be a Seven. Always on the go, you enjoy creating a home that pays homage to your many passions and travels. Add personality to your space with statement pieces, mixed materials and pops of color to quench your thirst for adventure.

  • Traits: Adventurous, Spontaneous, Versatile
  • Design Vibe: Eclectic, Energetic, Colorful

8. The Challenger

As a Challenger, you’re ready to take on the world. Driven by purpose and self-confidence, your design style is just as bold as your personality. Create high contrasts by pairing deep colors with bright whites for a dramatic design moment. Layering bold patterns and textures also appeals to your strong sense of style.

  • Traits: Confident, Powerful, Willful
  • Design Vibe: Bold Contrasts, Rich Colors

9. The Peacemaker

If you’ve got a designated meditation space in your home, it’s a clue you could be a Peacemaker. Laid-back and easy to please, you’re driven to create peace in your relationships — and in your home. You’re drawn to soothing, nature-inspired designs featuring earthy colors and organic textures.   

  • Traits: Easygoing, Adaptable, Agreeable
  • Design Vibe: Light and Breezy, Serene, Relaxing

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