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5 Chic Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

Every room should have a wow moment that draws and delights the eye—especially the kitchen. After all, it’s the heart of the home, a space where we enjoy both daily meals and special celebrations. And what better way to create a design centerpiece that’s both functional and beautiful than with gorgeous cabinetry?

Cabinets are the design feature that take up the most real estate in the kitchen, and they’re so much more than just storage. Between colorful accents, organic textures and sleek stone, there are endless ways to style your cabinetry. Here are just a few ideas for kitchen cabinets that will turn heads.

1. Go Natural

Say hello to the kitchen design trend that’s here to stay. Over the last decade, all-white kitchens have reigned supreme, but now, natural wood is taking its place. Light wood cabinets, islands and built-ins add warmth and texture to your space. Plus, they make the room feel bright and open.

2. Make Space

Want to make your kitchen feel bigger? The right cabinets can make your space appear longer, larger and more luxurious. To make your kitchen look more spacious, choose a light neutral color for your walls. Then, add a light, natural wood cabinet, making sure that the grain of the wood is vertical to draw the eye upward. To add even more height, choose a vertical backsplash tile and paint the ceiling the same shade as the walls.

3. Find Your Focus

Don’t let your storage space blend into the background. Instead, make it the center of attention. Create an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen with your pantry door. With a little paint in a contrasting color, your pantry can add height, depth and character to your cooking space. Complement your colorful centerpiece with neutral cabinets that make your accents pop.

4. Play with Patterns

Want to inspire more culinary creativity? Try incorporating patterns into your kitchen design. Not only will they add interest and movement to your space, they’ll also make your cabinets stand out. Patterned backsplash is a popular choice in the kitchen, but you can also use whimsical wallpaper or an abstract mural for a focal point that’s easy to update as interior design trends change.

5. Paint It Black

Indulge your darkest design fantasies with deep, rich colors. From midnight blue to forest green and charcoal black, darker shades are making a splash in interior design. You don’t have to paint your entire space to get in on the trend—a dark accent island, built-in or pantry door will give your kitchen both contrast and character.

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