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Sculleries, Butler Pantries and Mudrooms: What are the Differences?

Interested in adding a scullery, butler’s pantry or mudroom to your home? If so, you’re in on a centuries-long trend. While these spaces may not serve the same purpose as they once did, they’re still relevant to modern-day life.

Here’s the difference between these spaces and how they can make a stylish and practical addition to your home.

What’s a Butler’s Pantry? 

Traditionally, a butler’s pantry was used for cleaning, cooking and storing silver — oh, and as a bedroom for the butler, whose job was to keep valuable silver secure, even at night. 

Today, a butler’s pantry is primarily used for storage and food prep. They’re typically located in transitional spaces near the kitchen and contain a countertop for preparing meals, plus storage space for serving plates, cookware, linens, candles and decor. If you love collecting dishes or seasonal decor, the extra storage offered by a butler’s pantry is perfect for your home.

What’s a Scullery?

In the past, sculleries provided a space separate from the main kitchen where hired hands could cook, wash dishes and launder out of view. 

Modern sculleries are similar to butler’s pantries, but with even more capability. Unlike a butler’s pantry, a scullery often contains a fully functioning kitchen, including a sink and dishwasher, and possibly even a stove. If you love hosting and want your main kitchen to serve as a gathering space, a scullery is perfect for keeping the mess and stress of cooking and cleaning neatly tucked away.  

What’s a Mudroom? 

Mudrooms gained popularity in the 1950s, when car culture took off and households saw a need for a transitional space between the driveway or garage and the heart of the home. 

Usually located near a backdoor, garage or side door, a mud room is a designated space for removing shoes, storing coats and hanging backpacks and purses. Less formal than a foyer, the focus here is on storage and cleanliness — an excellent addition for households with children.

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