Design Inspiration

Blissful Bedrooms: Top 5 Trends We Love for Bedroom Design

1. Bold Color:

Balance your need for sanctuary with your inner warrior. Choose a bold color for a focal point in your bedroom.

2. Statement Lighting:  

It’s like jewelry that your bedroom wears. Don’t skimp on drama or personality here. Skip the ceiling fan. Make this space yours.

3. Texture:

Different textures and natural elements in your room provide a sense of harmony and wellbeing.

4. Gender Neutral Gray:

Stop fighting. Everything is not black or white. Live in gray and everyone wins.

5. Layers:

Make sure to make your bed, because there is nothing like climbing into all those yummy layers of bedding at the end of a long day. We all deserve a luxury bedroom with proper, objective layers.  Layer your bed with your appropriate style, such as:  fitted, flat, duvet, coverlet/quilt then follow with euro/king, standard and decorative pillows.