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What’s In, What’s Out: These Are the Latest Home Design Trends

Sometimes, the world of interior design changes so fast you can hardly keep up. But if you’re out of the loop on the latest trends, not to worry. Our team of designers always keeps a proverbial finger on the pulse of home design — and we’re here to tell you what’s flatlining and what’s got our hearts racing.

These are the interior design trends that are going out of style and the emerging looks that are here to replace them. But before you start redesigning, just remember: great design is objective, but personal style is in the eye of the beholder. While these trends may have peaked in popularity, they’re still based on timeless design principles — that’s why they were so beloved in the first place. So if you love a trend that’s leaving, keep doing you!

What’s Out: Millennial Gray

You know a trend has passed its peak when it earns a nickname on social media: enter Millennial Gray. This trend of gray walls, gray-toned woods and gray flooring proved to be, well, too gray.

What’s In: Dark and Moody

Designers are ditching the monochrome dungeon and opting for dark colors in deep and rich hues. Think black cabinets, forest green paint and woods in mahogany and walnut.

What’s Out: Straight Lines

Over the ages, the clean lines of minimalism have come in and out of fashion. After seeing a revival in the 2010s, we’re moving away from lines that are straight as an arrow to something a little more organic.

What’s In: Contemporary Curves

Don’t be square — get in on the latest design trend with curves and swerves. Think rounded lines, waves and soft, abstract shapes.

What’s Out: All-White Kitchens

For years, homeowners have been avoiding color in the kitchen. Often less an aesthetic choice than a way to preserve resale value, these pristine spaces can verge on cold and clinical.

What’s In: Bold Cooking Spaces

Inviting kitchens are in, complete with warm, natural woods offset by pops of sophisticated color, like deep blue and forest green. You don’t have to commit to what could be a costly redesign in the future. Opt for colorful paint that can easily be changed with the times.

What’s Out: Trophy Studies

Gone are the days of unused home offices with credenzas just for show. Over the last few years, studies have become multipurpose spaces that house work, play, hobbies and more.

What’s In: Creative Spaces

To say that 2020 transformed the way we view our homes would be an understatement. Designers and homeowners alike began turning laundry rooms into chic offices and mudrooms into homework dens, using transformer spaces to get the most out of every inch of home.

What’s Out: Farmhouse

If you’ve turned on HGTV in the last decade, you’re familiar with the mega-popular farmhouse design movement. This style brought rustic charm to neighborhoods around the country, but like all trends, farmhouse has seen its heyday.

What’s In: Warm Warehouse

Designers are moving from country to city with a resurgence of industrial warehouse design. But this time, they’re keeping things cozy by mixing in natural woods and organic materials to balance things out.

What Trend Suits You?

Which of these trends complements your look and lifestyle? Find out what your personal home style is with our Design Style Quiz.