Design Inspiration

Light Your Heart & Home: Five Lighting Trends We Love

by Leigh Spicher

Darkness is out. Light is in. 

Light is trending in our heart and souls, and that is influencing how we live and design homes.

Light is synonymous with sunshine and all things good, so it’s no surprise that how we light our homes is a focal part of good home design. Lighting is also one of the easiest, most affordable ways for us to personalize our home.

I love the latest lighting trends, as they literally light our way as we embrace all things health and wellness. There is beauty in light and the latest lighting trends show us that wide diversity in style, finish and scale deliver us to the most beautiful spaces.

Here are the Lighting Trends We Love:

Timeless Chrome (aka Polished Nickel)

 It’s both elegant and contemporary. It’s somehow a throw back to previous decades, yet its polished shine makes us all feel new again.

The Marriage of Rustic Lights with the All-White Kitchen

Formal, perfect spaces are often missing texture and character. When we take a stark white back drop and layer in accessory lighting that is high in texture and industrial vibe…we get the perfect marriage of new and old. It’s a blend of rough and smooth or polished and rustic. It’s kind of perfect.


Source: Ashton Woods

Source: Ashton Woods

Meet Matte Black

This is yet another story of how opposites attract. I love the stark contrast of matte black lighting against a white or very neutral backdrop. The matte black finish comes forward as a bold focal point. I also love that we are seeing this finish on different styles or genres of lighting. Matte Black is a star on traditional fixtures or contemporary fixtures alike.

Source: Ashton Woods

Source: Ashton Woods

Warm Brassy Gold Layered on Silver

 It’s true. You can really mix silver and gold now. A room just feels good when these elements come together. Warm brass and cozy griege are a pair designed for comfort and high style alike.  Brass fixtures are new again, because they are fresh with contemporary style that we see with linear, clean lines and slim glass.

Traditional Reimagined

This is one of my all-time favorite design trends, not just in lighting but overall. This is the comfort of our youth, or a connection back to our childhood home only now it’s innovative and ours. It’s traditional with clean lines and cozy finishes. These light fixtures take us back to Roosevelt high style but deliver on today’s contemporary edge.