Design Inspiration

Prepare to be Inspired

One of the most exclusive and exciting experiences of the Ashton Woods home-buying journey is the Studio visit. In this highly personalized design session, you will be able to select almost every element of your new home’s features, from backsplashes and flooring to lighting fixtures and faucets. While inspiration is around every corner of the Studio, we thought we’d make some suggestions to help you prepare for the possibilities.

Online Inspiration:

Some of the most coveted places to find inspiration can be accessed from the comfort of your computer:

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is a cornucopia of design and style ideas. With an easy-to-use guided search function, you can start with one term, like “Traditional,” and find yourself discovering a style you didn’t even know you loved (like “Transitional”). To start, visit the Ashton Woods Pinterest boards. They are updated daily with inspiration from home, travel, fashion, and even food.
  • Houzz: Dedicated solely to home design, Houzz is a powerhouse of content gathered from design professionals, brands, the trade, and of course fellow home buyers. Jump in on the AW Houzz channel where you can search by room or style.
  • Inspiring Spaces Blog: The Ashton Woods blog is curated by our unparalleled team of in-house design experts who just love to help you navigate the world of possibilities in front of you. Learn the difference between Contemporary and Modern styles, the nuances of creating harmony and balance in your home.

Real-Life Inspiration:

The exciting thing about taking your inspiration from real-life experiences is that they are truly unique and provide a completely customized design canvas.

  • A Favorite Memory: Did your grandmother have a family picture wall in the hallway? Was your favorite place as a child a reading nook under the stairs or a picture window in the kitchen? Ask yourself these questions and see what comes up – then work your favorite details into the design of your new home.
  • A Life-Changing Trip: Do you have art, books or fabrics from a family trip or perhaps your honeymoon? Has your family taken an incredible trip that brought you closer together? Consider incorporating elements for your favorite destinations into your new home.

The most important element of gathering inspiration is to have fun and enjoy the journey of personalizing your new home. Be sure to bring all of your ideas with you to your Studio visit. We can’t wait to help bring your ideas to life.