5 Ways to Use Scale in Your Home

April 17, 2019

March 23, 2016:

Leigh Spicher

I’ve told you about the Five Principles of Design and how to use them in your design. Now let’s dig a little deeper into each principle and see how you can achieve it in your home! One of the best things about the Five Principles is that they not only make your home beautiful, they make it work better for you. Balance can bring calm to an otherwise hectic space. Proportion can make your space more functional as well as highlight what you love. Like Proportion, Scale can make your home more functional. Your home should fit you and your needs, Scale makes that possible. Here are five ways you can use this design principle to make your home work harder for you.

1. Counters and Cabinets: Whether you’re an avid home chef or just need to whip up a quick sandwich, you likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Make sure it fits your needs with cabinets that you can reach, counters that are the right height, and enough work space for your needs.

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2. Furniture: From over-sized couches for watching movies, to dining room chairs at just the right height, your furniture should fit the way that you live.

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3. Kids' Spaces: Scale is all about the way objects relate to our bodies, so an easy way to create a special space for your kids is with furniture made just for them. A low table with chairs that let their feet touch the ground designates an area that’s all theirs.

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4. Two-story ceilings: Because our homes are tailored to our everyday lives, the scale tends to be smaller than that of public buildings. But adding a two-story foyer or dramatic cathedral ceilings can add a sense of grandeur to the everyday.

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5. Bedroom Oasis: Do you want your bedroom to feel cozy and comforting or airy and relaxed? Do you like to cuddle or spread out? Scale can help you achieve your perfect home retreat with furniture that fits the space and your needs.

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